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About The Book



Creating a composition  requires study of the materials


Fragrance ingredients cover a wide range of aromas.  Categorizing, and classifying the language is difficult taking into account the reading needed to develop one's word phraseology.  Part of the problem is where to start, and how to write an odor description.  The book was created due to my desire to share my notes to an art in a secretive industry.  It is based on many years of work including an extensive bibliography of reference sources including my own notes. 


I began my education into aromas with the dictionary, and encyclopedia.  Prior to the internet books on fragrance ingredients were hard to find.  My book will help you to develop your olfactory knowledge on a specialized craft. The first section has 122 pages with 2,700 plus aroma descriptions arranged alphabetically.  The second section has a condensed index with a brief description, and source.  The balance of the book displays the aroma chemicals by family.


A Reference Book On Fragrance Ingredients contains 307 pages, and is available at $ 45.00 in a windows pdf file.  It is a custom fragrance book, and is not bound, or printable.


All of my books have been copyrighted with the Library of Congress, and are owned by the author.  The printing permission has been disabled in order to protect my work.  Plus I set the viewing at 50 % making the manuscripts unreadable beyond this site. 


The Formula - Costing Out a Fragrance


Adoxal Sweet floral waxy rosy referred to as ozone like.
Alcohol C - 8 Strong fresh, orange rose like waxy and sweet odor.
Alcohol C - 9 Powerful oily floral fresh like, dilution - rosy.
Aldehyde C - 14 Strong peach note.
Aldehyde C - 16 Strawberry, sweet fruity candy like.
Allyl Amyl Glycolate Strong fruity pineapple.
Alpha Damascone Intensely fruity reminiscent of plums and roses.
Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Herbaceous floral material suggestive of many types of flowers.
Amyl Salicylate Sweet herbaceous green slightly floral.
Anisyl Alcohol Mildly floral sweet odor reminiscent of vanilla.
Applinal Strong, sweet with a warm woody balsamic background, apple.
Argumen Aldehyde Floral aldehydic hyacinth type.
Aubepine Intensely sweet floral odor reminiscent of hawthorne.
Benzaldehyde Strong sweet odor of bitter almonds.
Benzophenone Powdery geranium rose like.
Benzyl Acetate Powerful thin sweet fresh fruity floral odor of jasmin & other flowers.
Benzyl Alcohol Faint, non descript odor, rather sweet varies.
Benzyl Benzoate Faintly sweet balsamic.
Benzyl Propionate Fruity sweet.
Benzyl Salicylate Very faint yet sweet and floral.
Bergamot Eco Essence A sweet fruity odor typical of the bergamot orange.
Birch Tar Oil Powerful phenolic, tarry woody smoky, leathery.
Bois De Rose Oil Floral odor reminiscent of rose orange.
Cashmeran Diffusive musk.
Cedarwood Oil of Virginia Oily woody almost sweet mild pleasant, cedar chest like odor.

Cinnamic Aldehyde

Warm spicy balsamic odor suggestive of cassia, cinnamon.
Citronellol Oil Coeur Fresh rosy, floral rosy.
Citronellyl Acetate Fresh, rosy, fruity odor reminiscent of geranium oil.
Civet Powder Unquestionably animal fecal odor of the civet cat.


Sweet herbaceous warm spicy odor.
Di Ethyl Malonate Sweet pleasant fruity green reminiscent of apples.
Di Methyl Octanol Waxy dry rosy odor.
Dorina SA Floral rose specialty base extremely fresh and floral.

Ethyl Vanillin

Intensely sweet odor slightly floral of vanilla.
Eugenol Powerful warm spicy balsamic clove like odor.
Galbex 183 Powerful green, forest like galbanum note with a floral undertone.
Geraniol Mild, and sweet floral rose.
Geranyl Acetate Sweet fruity floral rosy.
Grapefruit Oil of Florida Tangy, citrusy grapefruit nice and fresh.
Hawthanol A universal floral note lending itself to rose, jasmin, muguet, lilac.


Sweet floral warm and slightly spicy.

Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde

Mild and oily sweet slightly floral.
Hydroxycitronellal Sweet floral mild odor of muguet.
Iso Bornyl Acetate Mild piney balsamic camphoraceous of pine, and spruce needles.
Jasmin Egyptian An extremely fine floral jasmin fragrance.
Karima Elegant woody floral bouquet.
Lavender 40/42 Sweet floral herbaceous.
Lemon Oil of California Sweet juicy lemon.
Lemon Oil Washed A slightly lighter and sweeter juicy lemon.
Lime Oil 410 Oily sweet fruity lime.
Linalool Floral.
Linalyl Acetate Sweet floral fruit odor, bergamot, pear.
Melonyl 86471 VMF A very nice light sweet green melon odor very diffusive.
Meranol Dry rose petal.
Methyl Ionone Alpha Extra Orris violet floral.
Methyl Octyl Ketone Powerful citrusy orange.
Myrrh Essence Warm balsamic sweet somewhat spicy.
Nerol Sweet rosy refreshing wet seashore like.
Neryl Acetate Very sweet fruity, floral odor of raspberry rose.
Orange Carbinyl Fruity orange.
Orange Flower Oil Powerful light and refreshing floral.
Orange Oil of California Sweet orange peel like odor.

Orange Terpenes

Sweet fruity orange.
Palmarosa Oil Sweet floral rosy odor.
Peach Blossom FM 1242 Has a fresh floral base centered around the sweet peach.
Peru Balsam Essence Hyacinth like in dilution.
Phenyl Ethyl Acetate Very sweet, rosy fruity honey like odor.
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol Mild and warm rose honey like odor.
Rosalva Powerful fatty oily, waxy rose odor.
Rose Crystals Mild, at first very weak green rosy balsamic odor.
Rose De Mai Rich, sweet, deep rosy very tenacious odor with honey notes.
Rose Oil Templar A typical sweet rose odor whose source is rooted in English lore.
Sandela Sandalwood.
Sandiff Floral sandalwood with musky nuances that helps precious blends.
Silvial Is a powerful, vibrant muguet ingredient with a citrus undertone.
Strawberry Oliffac Fresh from the vine strawberry very diffusive.
Terpineol Prime Delicate floral sweet lilac.

Terpinyl Acetate

Mildly herbaceous sweet and refreshing.

Sweet Pea Resembles orange blossom, hyacinth and a touch of rose.


Fresh green narcotic with nuances reminiscent of orange blossom.

Vanillin Intensely sweet, and tenacious vanilla odor.


Floral, violet, banana.


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