The Art of Fragrance Ingredients


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My second manuscript lists fragrance ingredients alphabetically by company. 



A company in the fragrance industry is known as a fragrance house.  My second book is a collection of aroma catalogs that displays the fine fragrance ingredients, specialty bases, essential oils and aromatic chemicals from companies around the world.  It condenses over thirty-six thousand ingredients as they appear below in an easy to use reference manual.  The companies are listed alphabetically A to Z including the aroma ingredients within each section. 


The book will display what is distinctive between the companies, and at the same time what is similar.  The individuality of each fragrance ingredient, and how it is listed within each product catalog will broaden your knowledge on a secretive industry.   The two volume set was crafted through a fine desk top publishing program.  You can view each book individually on a windows computer, or print a copy through a pdf reader.  The copy on my web site is for viewing only.  Four years of work and research went into it.  A copy of the book can be yours for $ 65.00. 


Fragrance Houses:


A recent book published in Germany played on one of my titles.  One chapter was based on the information found on this page.  Copying is the best form of flattery.  However, when one copies another author's work and doesn't source the information in a bibliography it is breach of copyright at the minimum.  Also called plagiarism here in the United States.  Sorry that I had to remove this page. 


If I didn't place my books in a pdf file, encrypted with the printing privileges disabled plus set at 1/2 view there would be many more variations of my work out there on the www.  Desktop publishing is not an easy skill to learn also self taught along with web design and graphic art abilities.  This publisher will learn like I did creating something is difficult to do, and they will find there is no market for a book that contains no substance.  Nice try, however.

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