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Everyone's A Critic - Picture Courtesy of the Times - Kelly Shimoda


 "A perfume that lasts bears a sense of the artist who created the formula"


As many know the fragrance industry is steeped in mystery.  The articles that are written and redistributed contain information on one aspect of the art.  Although well intentioned the pr, marketing, and advertising people have created a fantasy.  Quite often a scent is turned into something that it is not.  In order to understand and create a fragrance one must understand the word meaning behind aroma materials.  Learning to blend them in different and unique ways takes a great deal of time, skill and practice.


It has been said sales in recent years are on the decline including profits.  Actress Nicole Kidman was paid fifteen million dollars by Chanel for a three minute commercial.  Less then fifty fine fragrances were launched each year less then twenty years ago.  This figure has ballooned to over 500 yearly today.  Whether the public has grown weary of the hoopla is hard to say. Either way telling stories about the art perhaps can be part of the reason for the decline in sales. 


Locating news articles on fragrance and perfume appear each day at the Google news site.  Most are superbly written attempting to cover different subjects and view points.  The life expectancy for any particular article can be from hours to years.  Finding the good ones in the search engines can be a hit or miss proposition at best.