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I did the books, website as a creative challenge and intellectual hobby taking care of a much beloved elderly mom.  If I can create this kind of work, what does that say about how things are today?  Unfortunately this business like others is filled with folks who are well connected, at the right place and right time who recreate work done by others.  The same old arrangements are constantly being recycled always seeking something new utilizing close to 100 percent synthetic materials when in reality there is nothing new except less materials in a fragrance. 


Add in the IFRA folks, and the art is in danger of disappearing all together.  I believe in another generation or two artificial intelligence type super computers will be employed creating the scents from their vast library of scents, and the perfumer will no longer exist as they do today.  At least my books and web site have captured one aspect of the art, and hopefully keep it alive for future generations to enjoy.  Please note some of the fragrance houses listed in my books are gone.  That's the nature of today's constantly evolving business.  Keeping these books perfectly up to date is also not possible due to the work involved.  However, unlike some they can be revised.  Data sheets like web sites exist on the www only as long as the creators of a site wish to keep their ideas on the fine art alive.


Sour grapes on my part perhaps.  However, I do know that there are no up to date material books of any sort available on the www.  If one does get published I will call it a puff piece.  A pretty book that contains zero pertinent information.  Take in account that the big three including the ISIPCA have their own schools no one has any up to date general text books on the subject of fragrance ingredients.  In the meantime these three companies are teaching the present perfumers zero information regarding the essential oils.  It is my opinion if one does not understand the roots or essential oils one will not understand the art. 


It is a dream of every artist to create a book, and teach the next generation of artists.  In reality very few books are created in part due to the fact that a finished fragrance or composition belongs to the house.  It is very hard to learn desktop publishing, graphic arts, plus web design etc., let alone get a book published.  Spinning the information in different and unique ways is also difficult.  I am proud of the site and my work that I have accomplished, and realized from the beginning that there could be little or no market. 


I am sorry about setting the books at 50 percent view plus encrypting them with the printing privilege disabled.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the pdf format I can not sell my work at this time.  A pdf file can be copied, and once my work is fully viewable I will loose control of my hard work.  Again, non of my work will ever be printable.  If I can find a program that can create a pdf file that can not be copied its possible at a future point in time some of my books could be available as an e-book.  Until then sorry. 


Assigning words to fragrance ingredients is a way to learn fragrance as a written language.  This is how I learned the art, and enjoy it today as a creative outlet.  vreas Links


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